MISP CourseThe MISP two-day intensive course is a  complete course with an internationally approved curriculum shared by all MISP Trainers. This includes learning the unique massage routine, child development, scientific knowledge, as well as the basis for bringing the idea of touch and movement for learning into all schools subjects.

With the two-day course every instructor receives a comprehensive manual that becomes a basic tool for the successful implementation of the program, as well as the book Touch in Schools.

Once the course has been completed successfully, the participant is given the MISP Instructor Certificate, allowing the implementation of the MISP program within classrooms in the presence of children, and within communities with children and their parents.

The Massage in Schools Program is an approved provider through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork  (approved provider number 451343-10). If you are a massage therapist, you may qualify for 14 continuing education, Live course credit hours through the NCBTMB. We are also in the process of obtaining CEU’s for teachers.

2017  Summer and Fall MISP Instructor Trainings

Contact your Trainer:

Allison Dutton : Alliekate4@hotmail.com  323-854-6726

Melissa Enter: info@misa-usa.com  507-514-3192



  • 12th &13th    Chicago, IL                                        Trainer: Melissa Enter
  • 31st & 8/1st  Fairbanks, AK                                    Trainer: Melissa Enter


  • 3rd & 4th      Anchorage, AK                                   Trainer: Melissa Enter


  • 14th & 15th  Duluth, MN                                          Trainer:  Melissa Enter
  • 22nd & 23rd Omaha, NE                                         Trainer:  Melissa Enter


  • 6th & 7th      Portland, OR                                       Trainer: Melissa Enter
  • 12th & 13th  Seattle, WA                                         Trainer: Melissa Enter
  • 14th             Seattle (Touch & Move to Learn)        Trainer: Melissa Enter
  • 26th & 27th  Washington, DC                                  Trainer: Melissa Enter


  • 6th & 7th      Santa Barbara, CA                            Trainer:  Melissa Enter
  • 9th & 10th    San Carlos, CA                                  Trainer:  Melissa Enter
  • 11th             San Carlos, CA (Mini MISP)               Trainer:  Melissa Enter
  • 13th &14th   Chico, CA                                           Trainer:  Melissa Enter
  • 15th              Chico (Touch and Move to Learn)      Trainer:  Melissa Enter



  • 15th             Seattle, WA  (Move & Touch to Learn) Trainer:  Melissa Enter
  • 16th             Seattle, WA (Mini- MISP)                      Trainer:  Melissa Enter


  • 10th &11th  Santa Monica, CA                                  Trainer: Mia Elmsater
  • 12th (Move and Touch to Learn)  Santa Monica       Trainer: Mia Elmsater


  • DTBD  Anchorage, AK
    Instructor Training                                                     Trainer:  Melissa Enter    Move and Touch to Learn                                         Trainer:  Melissa Enter
    Mini MISP                                                                  Trainer:  Melissa Enter


Contact your Trainer:

Allison DuttonAlliekate4@hotmail.com    323-854-6726

Melissa Enter: artbinmankato@gmail.com  507-514-3192

Mia Elmsater:  mia@smaliv.com


The MISP intensive course is offered in several locations in the US.  If no training is offered in your area or if you are interested in helping to organize a training, please contact us.

When stress piles upon stress without the relief of an equal portion of relaxation, the body begins to shut out all sensory intake and the learning process is completely blocked.”
~Vimala McClure


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