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MISP CourseCertified Instructor Course

The MISP two-day intensive course is a  complete course with an internationally approved curriculum shared by all MISP Trainers. This includes learning the unique massage routine, child development, scientific knowledge, as well as the basis for bringing the idea of touch and movement for learning into all schools subjects.

Once the course has been completed successfully, the participant is given the MISP Instructor Certificate, allowing the implementation of the MISP program within classrooms in the presence of children, and within communities with children and their parents.

The cost for the two day intensive training is $325.00  This covers a comprehensive manual, that becomes a basic tool for the successful implementation of the program, along with other training materials, a one year membership in MISA-USA and the continuous support of the trainer.


Private Instructor Course  (1 – 3 people)
Are you unable to make it to one of our scheduled trainings?  Do you want more individualized help in bringing the program to your community?  Schedule an individual training at a time that fits your schedule (14 hours) and invite up to 2 of your friends or colleagues and split the cost!  $1,295 (includes training and materials for up to three people.  No scholarships available)

Mini MISP Practitioners Training $125
This one day training is an add on to the 2 day instructors training for those who want to expand their certification to working with toddler and preschool children as well as children ages 4 – 12 which is covered in the two day course.  The training is open to those who have completed the two day course and certified infant massage instructors.  The training teaches a mini peer to peer massage with just three to six strokes in a story format.  You will also learn fun games and active learning ideas.  The technique taught in this training are geared to calm and build connections in classrooms and home, strengthen social skills, and family bonds.  Parents report they find that sibling relationship improve and children sleep better.


Touch and Move to Learn  
 A fun day for parents and educators of hands on activities that make learning enjoyable.  Using active movement and games, you will learn strategies that you can adapt to all school subjects.  All activities are designed to build cooperation, community and respect.  Created for classrooms, youth groups and in the home for children ages 4 – 12 years old.

Workshop for Parents and Professionals An Introduction to the MISP and Its Use in Building Bonds and Resilience through Stories and Nurturing Touch  
This 2 hour workshop is an introduction to the Massage in Schools Program and the benefits if holds for your children, 4 – 12 years old, although easily adaptable for other ages.  Geared towards parents – biological, adoptive, foster-care and guardians of children who have experienced trauma or stress in their lives, as well as teachers, social workers, OT’s and other professionals; the workshop provides you with tools that you can go home and use right away to build bonds and resilience in your children through stories and nurturing touch.  The activities you will learn will help enhance self-regulation skills, strengthen bonds and create memories, develop boundaries and set limits with humor.  The activities are hands on and designed to bring love and laughter into the home and community while reducing stress and increasing sleep.  It offers practical advice while giving you an indepth look at what the MISP can bring to your community.



2021 Training Schedule




MISP Instructor Training Schedule 2021

All classes will be held online.  All three sessions must be attended in full.
Registration and payment must be made by Sept 12.  Materials will be sent out
on Sept 13.  No late registrations will be accepted.
No scholarships are available for this training. 
This is the only U.S. training planned at this time.
Times are all listed in Central time.  Please adjust accordingly to your time zone.

September 2021 – virtual course 14 hrs
Tuesday, September 21, 5:30pm – 9:30 pm
Friday, September 24, 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, September  9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Cost :$325


Trainer:  Melissa Enter



Contact your Trainer:

Allison DuttonAlliekate4@hotmail.com           323-854-6726

Melissa Enter: connectedbytouch@gmail.com  507-514-3192

Mia Elmsäter:  mia@smaliv.com



When stress piles upon stress without the relief of an equal portion of relaxation, the body begins to shut out all sensory intake and the learning process is completely blocked.”
~Vimala McClur