Our list of benefits keeps growing! Thank you for sending us the benefits you see happening.  Click on each section to hear what others have shared.

Benefits Include:

For the Child:

  • The opportunity to learn and experience saying “yes” and “no” to nurturing touch
  • A feeling of being individually seen and acknowledged
  • Developing a greater respect for their peers

For the Parents:

  • An enjoyable tool to help the child do homework
  • Finding their child calmer when arriving home from school
  • An activity the parents and child can share together

For the Teacher:

  • More harmony within the classroom
  • Easier class management
  • Lower noise levels in the classroom

For the Entire School:

  • A practical tool to reduce bullying
  • Children of different ages and grades helping one another
  • Less violence in the classroom and on the playground

For Society:

  • A more peaceful society
  • Lower rates of addiction
  • The acceptance of touch as normal and healthy

Children with Special Needs:

When introduced to children having special/additional needs, the Massage in Schools Program has been found to be very effective in encouraging interaction with each other in more healthy, positive ways by breaking the barriers of cliques and “separatism”. It encourages the atmosphere of playfulness and support, and most important of all it brings children together in a safe and nurturing environment.


“This is a wonderful development in schools across the globe toward becoming extensions of the family; friendly places where people care for each other, and learning is undertaken with energy and delight.”
~ Steve Biddulph