Benefits for the Teacher

Connection to children

Less discipline – more time for teaching

Reminder for self-care, giving time to relationships and touch in own life

Parasympathetic “rest & digest” time

Positive engagement with every child

Favorite time of the day!

Teacher’s “calm” in a busy day

Less stress

Better listeners

Open minded, compassionate class

Safe space

Decreased aggression

Increased attention

Routine oriented (organization)

Breaks from academics

Teachers students respect, acceptance of all (inclusive

Increase JOY 

Improves class scores


A break from teaching that settles the children while still instructing without being rigid.

Classroom management skills that are pleasant.

Creates better group dynamics

Calm classroom

Open to learning both teacher/student

Better attention with student

Excitement to come to class

Connection with students and parents as well

Establishes a foundation to share with parents outside of the classroom

A tool to share with other colleagues/school

A time to create reflection for the teacher

Help the teacher to be in control of the classroom

Be aware of the children’s interaction

Help with communication between the teacher and the students

Help with communication between the teacher and the students

Help to be aware of trouble areas for each child

Allows students to be more present in the classroom

Creates an avenue to speak with parents about the necessity of healthy touch

Gives teachers a positive role in reducing bullying among children

Ability to build transitions in learning

Relieves stress in teacher and students

Creates positive energy around the war.

Children develop good relationships.

Quiets noise level in the classroom