Benefits for the Community

Kinder citizens

More awareness of others

Community of nurture and kindness

Evolving more towards acceptance

More people willing to work together to create positive change

Reduced violence and crime

Increased interaction between community members

Creates a safe environment for community members

Brings awareness and respect

Brings people together, creates a sense of unity

Allows people to get to know one another

Brings familiarity

Allows members to get to know people they may not have otherwise

Encourages positive conversation

Builds commuity of acceptance and awarenes

Enlightens the community around the touch and creating safe zones

Provides a common language and understanding about safe and healthy zones

Potential for ripple effect throughout extended area.

Helps children grow up to be more aware and productive citizens

Teaches people to be givers and receivers

Helpls positive touch to be acceptable

Teachers positivity in negative situations

A way to reduce stress

Helps community come together

Creates peace

Allows for healthy risk taking

Decrease health care expenses

Creates the village affect

Transitional and families stories of the past to today

Increased understanding

Modeling in the community

Increased creativity

Builds a community of love, hope and healing