Benefits for the Child

Here area some of the benefits our community has contributed.  What benefits have you noticed?

Bottom – up healing

Reduces negativity and shifts state towards positive thinking

Brain building

Self awareness of external and internal self

Opens up possibility

Keeps down drama

Everyday way of addressing trauma without drawing attention to trauma

Positive attitude towards school

Storyteller – creative imagination

Boost community

Increase blood flow

Decrease anxiety




No shame, no labels

Builds closer family relationships

Increases participation





Healthy relationships


Greater ability to focus


Learn appropriate boundaries

Learning to ask for consent

Connection to each other

Self-confidence, self assured

Learn what safe touch is

Another intelligence- relational, social, healing work

Personal positive attention

Needs for positive touch met

S/he matters, is visible

S/he is safe at school

S/he has an expression, a “voice” through touch

Oxytocin release


Decreased bullying

Improved behavior

Improved scores

Improved motor skills

Relationship repair






Improved social skills

Intimate socialization


Health touch

Enhanced academic skills


Release for giver and receiver

Become more outspoken

Aides in academic progress

Creates a welcoming and safe enironment

With current fears of school shootings, helps to create a safe environment.

Inclusive to all students

De-stresser – relaxation

Increases oxytocin and other “happy” hormones

Valuing their bodies

Nurturing – physical love

Boundaries – respect

Asking permission – respect

Learning about touch and increased comfor of touch

Avenue to release energy

Connection with others

Greater awareness of others emotions, feelings and needs

A lifelong tool for them to use as they grow.

An awesome way to get creative and utilize what they are learning academically

Build awareness about the super power that their hands and the back of their peers have.

Builds confidence

Teaches child how to calm themselves and how to communicate to others what calms them

Increases awareness on many levels

Stress relief

Physical/loving contact

Helps build trust

Helps child connect with others

Children learn that they can have relationships with others even if they are not best friends.


Greater ability to focus

Learns appropriate boundaries

Physical/mental improvement

Shifts thinking towards positive

Everyday way of addressing trauma without drawing attention to it.

Builds positive attitude towards school



Intimate socialization

Share the benefits you have seen!

No shame, no labels

Increased blood flow

Decreased anxiety

Healing ACE’s

Builds closer relationships

Self awareness of external and internal self

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