Benefits for Schools

Culture of kindness, respect and nurture

Reduced stress for staff

Less bullying, more kindness

Less burnout of staff

Lower staff turnover

Positive, pro-active, on-going training to change relational, cultural

Children are happier to be in school

School attendance increases/absentee rates go down

Brings in Federal funding

Children, parents and staff feel the school is safer

More involvement with parents and families

Improved school scores

Increase school recognition for high performance 

Sets tone for positive interactions

Decreased bullying

Teaches acceptance

Increased focus

Positive experience for staff and students

Helps to prevent school shootings

Friendly relaxed atmosphere

Happier place to be!

Makes administration look good

Better communication

More cooperation from students and staff

Reduction in behavior interventions

Healing from the bottom up, reduced referral rates, looking for a program that will help.

Deeper understanding of children’s needs

Children are calmer

More respect upon peers

Respecting each other’s space

Greater awareness of children’s needs

Additional avenues to connect with the children

Constructive communications and conversation around touch and consent

Open environment for creativity

Better accadimic outcomes

Increase school spirit and unison

Constructive culture around touch

Creates a cooperative learning environment

Opens up the opportunity to share with others on many levels

Creates an inclusive environment

Builds relationships

Each participating child feels valued

Builds self esteem

Better understanding of MISP as a whole

Kinder students

Lessens chance of school violence

Happier teachers

Less frustration

Increases consistent attendance

Creates more positive learning environment

Creates relationship building

Creates a partnership

Calmer classrooms and hallways, transitions and recess.

A connected more inclusive school culture


Uses less resources

Reduction of suspension, decreases vandalism, reduced grafiti

Less teacher burnout

Harmonious climate in the school

Happier teachers = happier students

Increased school pride

Increased funding due to to increased test scores

Less resources spent on behavioral interventions

More inclusion