Massage in Schools Mission

school massageThe Massage In Schools Program (MISP) was officially founded in 2000 by Mia Elmsäter from Sweden, and Sylvie Hétu from Canada. In order for a program to be successful, they both believe in the contagious effect of a credible, well-structured yet simple program, and a shared common core curriculum.  It is with this spirit that they combined their experiences to create MISP.
A New Concept

Using massage in schools is a new concept in modern day society. Although massage, in some native and traditional cultures, is as old as mankind itself, it is only in the past century that science has been able to explain the benefits of massage. When the profession of massage therapy became recognized in modern society, studies regarding massage began to emerge. Studies give credibility to the practice of massage itself as a tool for health, stress management and well being.


MISP for Children from 4-12 years old

When this program was planned, the co-founders discussed, in depth, which ages would be suitable. The study of child development as well as their respective experiences in preschool, day care centers and schools led to the range of 4-12 years old.

Children doing the simple routine reduced their stress levels, increased their chance for better concentration at school and encouraged better sleep at home.

Permission To Touch

Massage is child-to-child within the MISP and respect is paramount. The children are fully clothed, and the massage is done on the back, head, forehead, arms and hands. Because adults do not massage the children, unless they are the parents, there is no possibility of misinterpreting the intention of the adults who are bringing proper, healthy touch into classrooms. Children are required to ask permission before they give the massage and thank the child that received the massage. Each child has the right to say “no” to a massage.


 “Again and again we might wonder why this obvious, common-sense approach hasn’t been thought of and applied before.”
~Joseph Chilton Pearce