Spotlight on a MISP Instructor!

November 2018 – Marissa Emery

Location: Beaverton, Oregon (suburb of Portland)

Where do you implement MISP: My sons’ public elementary school

Tell us a little about your MISP work: Last school year I implemented the MISP routine in five classrooms as part of a research project, to learn more about what it would take to bring MISP into more public school classrooms. I learned a lot about the challenges and benefits for teachers! I’m currently finalizing my research paper (happy to share with anyone who’s interested once it’s complete!), and starting to work with three teachers this school year to implement the program in their classrooms.

What inspires you to do this work? One kindergartner’s mom approached me last spring and asked me to teach HER what I’ve been teaching her son’s class, because he loves it so much and wants his whole family to know and do the routine with him!