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Positive Touch for Schools is a program that is currently being researched and developed to create a comprehensive program for schools. Positive Touch puts all of the individual programs of the MISP into one complete package so the entire school community – teachers, children, families and support staff, is served. The program is currently being researched in a Portland public school to determine the needs of the teachers  in a comprehensive program to create the best possible package.
The program includes: peer – peer massage in classrooms, activities and games that teach cooperative learning of all school subjects through movement, teacher workshops and trainings as well as parent workshops and family fun events that incorporate healthy, respectful touch.

Funds are needed for research and for purchasing and packaging program materials in complete school packages.

Massage in Schools Program

Welcome to MISA-USA, the US website for the Massage in Schools Association, a worldwide organization which is dedicated to supporting instructors of the Massage in Schools Program (MISP). The program and association, which began in the UK in 2000, is very new in the US, and while our pioneer work here began in 2011, we are growing rapidly and our goal is to have the MISP in all 50 states. Our instructors come from a range of professions, all of whom are dedicated to sharing the benefits of the MISP with children.

The MISP advocates a new educational and family approach on massage to encourage rapport and healthy, positive interactions between children-to-children and parent-to-child. It is not a treatment or therapy. Some of the basic foundations of human connections are created through physical touch, giving us a sense of happiness and warmth as well as safety and comfort.

The Massage in Schools program was recently featured in “ABMP’s Body Sense Magazine” Please view the article here.

Enjoy the website, and please contact us if you would like more information.

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“Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food…; food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins” ~ Frederick Leboyer